Submit Your Urban Fantasy Book Reviews Here!

While it is true that your humble Cave Mistress spends her time here, with you, she does a number of other things as well. For example, she is the Review Editor for Urban Fantasy Magazine. If you would like to submit a review of a current (published within the last two years is ideal, unless you find a little-known book that needs time in the light!) Urban Fantasy book for consideration, read the guidelines and complete the form below.

Urban Fantasy Magazine Book Review Guidelines

To become a reviewer, follow the steps below!

  • Complete the contact form to indicate what book you want to review, unless other arrangements have been made.

    UFM makes it easy to get review copies by contacting publishers. We try to get the book sent to you but need to know the who, what, and where. PLEASE NOTE: if you already own the book you’d like to review, indicate that on the form!


  • Kindly acknowledge that you have received your review copy by sending a message to arobinson[dot]neal[at]gmail[dot]com. Include “Received Review Copy” in your subject line.


  • Once your 900-1200 word review is written, use the form below to submit it! You should receive a response within 1-2 weeks.