Questions for the Quill (Also Known As the FAQ Page)

So what is this Scribe’s Cave all about then?

The Scribe’s Cave is a space that I decided to create for folks who may or may not fit into any of the following categories:

  • Followers of my primary space (One Starving Activist)
  • People who just happened by and said to themselves, Hey, I’d like to have my flash fiction posted somewhere online!
  • Folks who are new to the whole blogging and/or flash fiction scene and would like a sort of friendly pen to critique and hopefully post their work
  • Writers of longer works seeking a respite from so many words but not from writing all together
  • People who fall into the “miscellaneous” or “other” categories of Huh? and What’s-that-now?

How often will new work be posted here?

I hope to post new flash once every two weeks (unless otherwise noted).

How will we know what the topic schedule is?

Pop on over to the Schedule of Topics page; there’s a calendar on it which includes the topic, the date you should submit, and the date it should be posted.

Do we have to use the topic in our submission?

It’s always cool to include the prompt in your submission, but let’s see how creative you can be! Here are some thoughts to spark your imagination:

  • The old standard: use the prompt as your submission title (yawn! oh, sorry…)
  • Use the prompt within the story (that can be fun), like making it the first word(s) or the last word(s)
  • Write your submission but include a photo that obviously suggests the topic (just make sure to show how the photo ties to the submission. Stray photos make life weird for all involved…)
  • Let your Muse be your guide (as long as your Muse knows what the submission guidelines are, you should be good!)

Oh my, there are Free Topic Weeks! What will we write about?!?

No need to worry! There will be a post for each Free Topic Week that will give you some inspiration. For example, you might be pointed toward some sites during those weeks that offer prompts, or the post might just suggest you write about whatever gives you inspiration! 

When should we submit our stories?

Once the topic date arrives, send in your post by the following Friday. You should get a response 15 days after that, and stories should be posted that day. For example, the first topic comes up on 6 July; send in your post by 13 July. You should be notified about your post by 28 July, at which point the accepted stories will also be posted.

Will there be prizes?

It will depend on how the first few months go. If all goes well and we can gain some momentum as a community, it will certainly be considered. Basically it will mean that folks are willing to donate a little somethin’ toward the development of prizes and that sort of thing. 

Can my submission be in a language other than English?

The Scribe’s Cave holds a global family, so absolutely, yes is the short answer!

However, the Cave Mistress insists that any non-English submissions be accompanied by the English translation. She has access to some decent translation software, but would not want your work out there with a wrong translation! NOTE! You will need to provide an accurate word count of the English translation (which should not be more than 500 words). And yes, both the original and English versions will be posted if your submission is accepted.

Can I add photos to my stories?

Yes, but of course there are conditions:

  • There must be an accessible URL provided with the photo; NOTE! Your word count should not include the URL (that would be mean…). If there is no attribute, the Cave Mistress has the discretion to either 1) not include your photo with the piece or 2) not accept your story.
  • There may be small monsters lurking in the cave: make sure you photos are acceptable for children to view, even if your story is rated above PG-13.

I’m not sure how I understand how to include a URL to my photo; can you give me an example?

Sure thing! Download How to Submit to the Scribe’s Cave, the PDF version.