Sunset at the Cave of Scribes

‘Sunset Castle’ by ChrisCold

And now … the end is near …

And so I face … the final curtain …

Actually, the end is here, Cavelings. It is time for the Cave to close its door.

There are so many wonderful sites out there that have been so much more successful than this one, that have a regular group of writers joining in — it doesn’t make sense to continue posting when people are obviously busy, doing what they do in other atmospheres.

This morning’s post, #103, will be the last, but don’t fret! If you are a fan of the Cave Mistress, pop over to the main site at, where she will continue to post her quirky photos. The other cool part is, she will get back into responding to prompts at other sites, which she has regrettably ignored for the past (gasp!) few years.

Thanks to those of you who have remained a loyal part of the family and the Cave Mistress hopes to see you ’round the web.


Sing it, Frankie!