Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #98.5


You know how the Cave Mistress has a love for abandoned edifices. She saw this story and had to post as an extra prompt this week in honor of its beauty.

The story goes that Charity Hospital in New Orleans, LA has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina. However, locals have seen most recently a small Christmas tree in one of the upper windows and allegedly there were Halloween decorations as well.

The left photo is magnificent — look how high up the light is! Can you imagine, walking through that large of a building at night (or even in the day!) to get up there? Wow … Click on the photo to visit the Epoch Times story because it is too good to be missed.

The usual flash fiction rules are off for this one — write as much as you desire and share it with us! There is no time limit: if you want to get to it after the new year, so be it. This one has no closing date.

However if your story is more mature, be sure to place a disclaimer at the start to protect our more innocent readers.

Give us your best!

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