Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #54


Oh, wait.

That was a bit premature … We’ve got a couple days yet before we shout 2015 in, don’t we?

Well, the future is always a mystery and in the spirit of such, this week’s picture prompt is as well. The image is weird for sure and so the Cave Mistress has decided to offer it in link form instead of just all out there for the world to see.

Her hint? Well, it’s actually a hint taken right from the ebaum’s world site from which the image comes.

Ready? Read the expectations and then click the link below the word “prompt.” But wait again! This image is an even bigger mystery because it is password protected. Use the word scribeflash in lower case when you reach the “enter your password” page. You’ll see a partial thumbnail of the photo — just click it to open for the full monty and description …


As a writer of flash, you should be familiar with the following expectations:

  • Word limit: keep it between 50-200 words
  • If your flash has adult content, be sure to indicate such so that we can warn our more tender-aged readers
  • Utilize the Linky below the image
  • Submit by next Monday




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