Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #40

One of the most insidious illnesses to strike mankind was/is the polio virus. Prior to the development of a vaccine, the afflicted were placed in a device known as an iron lung. The device is actually called a negative pressure ventilator and it allows a person to breath when their own muscles are incapable of supporting such action. Here is a story about a woman who spent more than 60 years inside one!

This week’s prompt offers not one person, but four inside such a contraption. Tell us a story about them, their nurse, or the machine itself, won’t you?


As a writer of flash, you should be familiar with the following expectations:

  • Word limit: keep it between 50-200 words
  • If your flash has adult content, be sure to indicate such so that we can warn our more tender-aged readers
  • Utilize the Linky below the image
  • Submit by next Monday


c.1937; children in an iron lung before the creation of the polio vaccine