Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #39

Welcome to September, Cavelings! Sure, September began a couple weeks back, but now it’s in full-swing.

In the United States, September marks the unofficial start of fall, particularly as the Labor Day holiday comes to a close. The long days of summer become shorter, children go back to school, and the stores prepare for the fall holidays.

We here at SCPP have gone through the gamut of strange and alluring places with Distractify and now it’s time to move on to the next set of images for your writing enjoyment. The Cave Mistress had considered doing another set of interesting locations, but as mentioned last week overruled herself and stuck to the course of sharing the wonderfully fiendish photos from eBaum‘s world for this set. We will have 28 weeks of horror, dear ones, all related to the medical field. So strap on your rubber gloves and let’s dive in, shall we?


As a writer of flash, you should be familiar with the following expectations:

  • Word limit: keep it between 50-200 words
  • If your flash has adult content, be sure to indicate such so that we can warn our more tender-aged readers
  • Utilize the Linky below the image
  • Submit by next Monday


Dr.’s masks during the plague; the beaks held scented substances

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