Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #25

The Scribe’s Cave has taken a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Or has it? While this week’s Picture Prompt is actually right around the corner (the Red Island Sea Forts are off the coast of Sealand, UK), it might take you to other places. Can we come?


As a writer of flash, you should be familiar with the following expectations:

  • Word limit: keep it between 50-200 words
  • If your flash has adult content, be sure to indicate such so that we can warn our more tender-aged readers
  • Utilize the Submissions Page for your flash once it’s done or use the Linky below the image below
  • Submit by next Monday


Originally built during World War II to protect the River Thames, these forts are now lifeless. Except for those that have been claimed by Sealand, a micronation off the shore of England.

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