Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #15

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Dust off your bagpipes and your kilt! It’s time for a trip to Scotland for this week’s Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompts! I would suspect if Nessie needed a good hiding place, this would be a better choice. What do you think?


As a writer of flash, you should be familiar with the following expectations:

  • Word limit: keep it between 50-200 words
  • If your flash has adult content, be sure to indicate such so that we can warn our more tender-aged readers
  • Utilize the Submissions Page for your flash once it’s done or use the Linky below the image below
  • Submit by next Monday


Source: drronson.
Located in the Highlands of Scotland, the Eilean Donan island sat abandoned until 1911, when it was restored by a prominent retired military officer.

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