Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #6

Welcome to this week’s Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompts! This week’s image from from the Distractify abandoned ruins reminds me of Thomas Dolby’s “Invisible Lighthouse” Tour; we got to see the show when he came to Los Angeles. First, I have loved Mr. Dolby since he first popped on the music scene and was bummed when I saw the tour was coming and we couldn’t go; then, when the second show was added for Los Angeles, I jumped on the opportunity. I forgot how it feels to hang out late at night (the show didn’t start until after 10pm on a Friday)–I’m too old for such antics!


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Source: From Wikipedia: A formal penal island used by the Russians, Aniva was once sought after by both the Russia and Japan. This now Russian controled territory sits unihabited in the seas between Japan and the eastern coast of Russia.