Don’t Go: djmatticus

NOTE: PG-Rated story to follow…

“Where are you going?”


His desire, his need, for her to stay was evident in the rise and fall of his voice. He knew she could tell that. He knew he’d been a fool. He knew that an apology would no longer be enough. It had gone too far. The hour was too late.

Before he could apologize for the seventh time (seven apologies for seven sins), even though he knew it wouldn’t work, the slamming door marked her departure.

“I should go after her.”

His words crossed to the door on their own. Things had been deteriorating rapidly outside and it required a braver heart or less intelligent mind to venture forth anymore. If an unexpected solar flare hit, despite all precautions taken against them, he would suffocate from the oppressive heat even as the flesh was burned from his bones.

He chewed on his bottom lip. Minutes passed. She didn’t return.

“She’ll be fine.”

It’s true. He was more worried about the manner, the cause, of her departure than about anything happening to her outside. She was equipped to deal with the flares in a way he never could be. But, she’d been acting weird recently, and he was beginning to wonder if something had happened to her mind, if somehow the sun’s recent expansion and intensifying bursts of heat and energy were to blame.

Sighing, he turned away from the door and went in search of the owner’s manual. First he’d initiate the recall sequence that would bring her back, and then he’d call customer service and schedule a service call.

“Better play it safe.”

It simply wouldn’t do for her to flip out, as she had been, every time he forgot to say please or thank you when he asked to her to do a task. She could crush him in her robotic grip before his mind even registered he was in trouble.

Words: 318

About the Author:

Matticus – Jester of The Matticus Kingdom has been bouncing around the blogosphere for just over a year now writing comedy, fantasy, western, and all kinds of other silly flash fiction stories for the Kingdom’s enjoyment.

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