A Mess Doth a Tardy Cave-Mistress Make

Okay, so I should have put up the “Under Construction” signs, lit the flares, and passed out the sound-cancelling headsets.

But I didn’t.

Here’s what happened:

The primary cave (One Starving Activist) has recently moved to its own self-hosted space. If you follow it, you had to dial in to starvingactivist.wordpress.com before and now you can direct-dial to starvingactivist.com.

In the course of that, the Cave Mistress found a nifty little thing that would allow her to create a connected space for all the Scribe’s Cave stuff. Despite it’s being nifty, it has not been fun trying to get it arranged, organized, uploaded, cleaned, and painted.

To that end, I’ve neglected getting things done here.

*Sigh* Sorry.

Here’s hoping that the new space will show itself soon and such delays will cease.

Forgives? Thanks!