Built for Success: djmatticus

Hogarth was bullied mercilessly.  His tormentors stole his books, pantsed him, taunted him, and generally made school a nightmare for the young man.  Rather than fight back and get in trouble himself, he just buried himself into his studies deeper and deeper.

He ran from one class to the next throughout the day to minimize the amount of time his antagonists could single him out.  Hogarth spent lunch safely tucked away in his favorite teacher’s classroom.  In the evening he cut himself off from the rest of his peers completely, whiling away the hours studying, researching, and experimenting within the confines of his bedroom and his parent’s garage.

He was ravenous for knowledge, for he knew that while his small stature and frame, the likely source (along with his name) of his initial selection for persecution, would continue to be an issue throughout his schooling years, the real world waited with open arms in his future.  In the real world knowledge was power.  In the real world the inane pursuits of his classmates and their small minds would get them nowhere.

By the time his senior year was nearly wrapped up, with graduation just a few days away, he had completed the device he’d spent the better part of four years toiling away on.  While his classmates had partied and skated through their classes giving the bare minimum of effort, he had done something wondrous.  As a graduation gift to himself he decided to turn the machine on, to test it, a trial run before using it to launch himself into the forefront of the physics academia and science industries.

Using a GPS locator broadcast from his most fervent bullies cellphone, he locked on to the imbeciles location, plugged the coordinates into the machine and pushed the button to start the sequence.  Then he crossed his fingers and waited…


John was walking down the street, a grin on his face, having just trashed some geek’s manuscript at the coffee shop.  All those papers just sitting there, he couldn’t help but give them a little push and watch them all go sailing about the room.  The dork had squeaked and gone frantically about trying to gather it all back up and John had laughed until tears had started running down his face.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had that much fun.

When the black hole opened in front of him he barely noticed it before unwittingly stepping through the portal and disappearing forever.


Fame and fortune awaited Hogarth.  For John there was only oblivion.

Words: 425

About the Author:

Matticus – Jester of The Matticus Kingdom has been bouncing around the blogosphere for just over a year now writing comedy, fantasy, western, and all kinds of other silly flash fiction stories for the Kingdom’s enjoyment.

Find more of djmatticus at http://thematticuskingdom.wordpress.com.