Keep Calm: Matticus

She spent the first week afterwards crying, and he let her.  He mostly felt like crying too but kept busy with so many other projects, helping to ensure their survival, that he never had the time to stop and let the emotions out.  Into the second week, tired, stressed, and drained physically and psychologically, he began to push her to move on.  He needed her help or they weren’t going to make it.

She understood and gave what she could, chipped in here and there, and although he didn’t expect too much of her initially it was still more than she could handle.  The sheer enormity of what had transpired, of the loss, kept knocking her off her feet.  It sapped her strength.  It shut down her mind.  He was happy for any help at all and eventually modified his requests to fall within what she could handle.  Still, they were floundering and unless they started to work together soon they would be lost forever.

Even then, it would take some luck, just as it had taken luck for them to get off the planet in time and go undetected by the attack ships.  They’d had almost no warning.  The first ships had already begun blasting away when he’d pulled her from her bed and thrown her into their hidden escape vessel.  He figured they’d be caught on their way out of the atmosphere and could only attribute having made it out to the attacking hordes’ focus being elsewhere.  Perhaps they didn’t care who slipped through their nets.  The small percentage that might escape wasn’t worth their time or concern.

At the end of the third week, he couldn’t wait any longer and told her in no uncertain terms that while it was tragic that the Earth was no longer their home, she needed to let it go, accept their fate, and help, or they would perish floating in the dark and cold between stars.  Wide eyed with terror, grief and exhaustion, she nodded her ascent, brushed the tears from her cheeks, leaving smear marks, and rose to the occasion.  If letting go was required of her, then she would do it.

Words: 362

About the Author:

Matticus – Jester of The Matticus Kingdom has been bouncing around the blogosphere for almost a year now writing comedy, fantasy, western, and all kinds of other silly flash fiction stories for the Kingdom’s enjoyment.

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