Band of Outlaws: Lyn

 “James and Carrie are getting married.” The announcement made everyone happy. Well, when I say everyone, I mean everyone except me. Don’t get me wrong, I like Carrie, but Eric is a rat. He picks on the little kids at school and makes my life miserable in class. Like in Math today, he sat next to me, and when I wasn’t looking, he changed some of my 1’s to 7’s on my homework. I had to stay back after school and do it again.

My mother says he’s a stinking rat, because his parents were killed two years ago. Okay, my mother didn’t really call him that, but I know that’s what she meant.

My mother put this chart on the wall with pictures and stickers on it to show each step on the way. Dad laughed. “Your mother loves making a huge deal out of a simple wedding.” Even I know a wedding isn’t just a ‘simple’ wedding.

Eric is my partner for the wedding so he has to wear a suit and bowtie. I decided if he was going to be nasty, I was going to blab about the monkey suit. It wasn’t long before some of the kids started pretending they were monkeys whenever they saw him. Eric didn’t catch on at first, but when he did, he went quiet and looked embarrassed.

Carrie took us for a final fitting and made us stand together. “Oh they look sooo cute!”

Eric and I aren’t exactly little kids. I mean, he’s almost thirteen and I’m twelve, so I sort of felt sorry for him, because he really looked good; not that I’d tell him.

A week before the wedding, there was a fight at school and someone said Eric was fighting. I wondered who he was picking on this time. But it was Eric who was being picked on. Two ninth-graders were beating him up. I didn’t stop to think; I charged in and head butted the biggest kid in the stomach. He dropped to the ground and started puking and the other kid took off. Eric’s nose was bleeding and his eyes looked kind of funny.

“Eric Thomas, this is the limit.” I’d never seen Principal Holtzinger so angry.

“Mr Holtzinger, it wasn’t Eric’s fault. Those guys were beating up on him; I tried to help him.” Did I really say that?

We waited outside the Principal’s office while Carrie and my parents were called to the school. “Um, thanks for helping me Katy, and for telling the principal what happened.”

I looked at him for a minute then shrugged, “Well, I figured if your sister is marrying my brother, that makes you part of our family and family take care of one another.”

“Yeah,” Eric said with a grin. “I guess I can’t pick on you anymore. I mean… you’ll be my sister after all.”

“How about that… you and me…brother and sister-outlaws.”

Maybe this was what Dad meant about letting go of childish things.

Words: 499

Author Bio:

Mother, grandmother, cook, gardener and writer. I live a busy life.

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