Meeting Prep: djmatticus

“Do you know what you are buying?”  There was a smile behind her eyes, barely below the surface of the question, but hidden all the same.  It danced there.  Laughing and playing in the shadows of her pupils.

Lip service,” he replied calmly.  “It says so right on the brochure.”  He was undaunted by the mischief he could sense more than see in his companions face. The smile spread from her eyes to her lips where it caused the tiniest of turn ups at the right corner.

“Yes, I read the brochure too.  It doesn’t ever really say what “service” will actually be provided, does it?” He scoffed, throwing his hands in the air, an exaggerated gesture to show that she was just bound and determined to ruin his fun. The smile vanished as if it had never been there at all.  “Re-read the brochure.”

He opened his mouth to tell her she was being silly, noticed the expression she was wearing, the one he had learned over the years meant she wasn’t messing about anymore, and let his mouth close.  His eyes casually slid away from her down to the pamphlet clutched in his right hand. It had arrived in the mail just when he had needed it most.  With the meeting at work he was supposed to run coming in just a few days and knowing that he wasn’t the greatest public speaker, and desperately wanting to impress his peers and bosses, he had assumed that the nice folks offering up this “lip service” would either coach him on speaking or for a slightly higher fee take up the reigns and run the meeting for him.  He had seen the notices arrival as a godsend.  It was meant to be.  He was supposed to call them and they would certainly help him out. His wife was certain they would help him out, but not how he expected, and certainly not in a way she would condone. As his cheeks turned darker and darker shades of crimson, she could tell that the other meaning, the more likely meaning of the offered service was finally dawning on her dear husband.  The brochure fell from his numb fingers to rock lazily back and forth in the air before coming to a rest on the tile floor.  He reached a hand out to the kitchen counter to steady himself. She reached across and laid a hand on his shoulder.  The smile she wore wasn’t hidden at all.  “My silly, sweet, wonderful man.  I love that you didn’t see it for what it truly was until I pointed it out.  There’s no reason to be embarrassed.”

Words: 443

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Matticus – Jester of The Matticus Kingdom has been bouncing around the blogosphere for almost a year now writing comedy, fantasy, western, and all kinds of other silly flash fiction stories for the Kingdom’s enjoyment.

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